Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Sunday 16:00

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An introduction to Feldenkrais (1 of 5)

Emma Alter 

Green 27

Moshe Feldenkrais was a Jewish polymath: a physicist, judo master, engineer to name a few. Feldenkrais created a unique method based on his knowledge of anatomy, neuro-physiology, psychology, & engineering which utilises awareness, prioperception and brain plasticity to improve movement. Come and hear about his story and try it out for yourself.

Crafternoon tea: candle making!

Social Programming Team 

Yellow 22

In this 'light' hearted Crafternoon tea, you might not be the butcher or the baker, but you will be the candlestick maker! Learn how to create candles such as havdallah candles. Bring a cup of tea or coffee. Cake is preferable. A chat is essential!

Literary lives: Shakespeare and the Jews (1 of 3)

Aviva Dautch 

Purple 31

Why did critics describe Shakespeare’s portrait as “having a decidedly Jewish physiognomy” and did he share our Jewish values? Why did he write about Venetian Jews and how are we meant to read Shylock in The Merchant of Venice? Is there any truth to the claim that the Dark Lady of the Sonnets was Jewish and contributed to his plays?

Mao's China - propaganda and culture

Yael Farjun 

Orange 12

Many of us are familiar with the Communist China's stories and images of propaganda. Yael will bring some examples from the Propaganda Poster Art Centre in Shanghai, demonstrating a time in history many of us don't know much about.

Nietzsche and Soloveitchik I: Morality

Michael Harris 

Red 4

The philosophy of the confirmed atheist Nietzsche appears to have little in common with that of the leading Modern Orthodox thinker Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik. This series argues, however, that it is surprisingly fruitful to consider some central aspects of Soloveitchik's thought through a Nietzschean lens. This session focuses on morality.

Pioneers in the New World: the Jews of the Caribbean and Panama

Dennis Sasso 

Red 2

The earliest Jews in the Americas were Spanish-Portuguese Jews, escaping the Inquisition. In the Dutch, Danish and British settlements of the Caribbean and, eventually, in the mainland, they established a unique and path-breaking Jewish experience. As a native of Panama, I share that story and how it shaped my own family history.

‘Praying the gay away’ - experiences of conversion therapy for same sex attraction

Shulli Clinton-Davis  Joseph Hyman  Mathew Shurka  Elliot Jebreel 

Orange 15

Reparative or conversion therapy has been rejected by major psychiatric bodies as ‘un-scientific’ and ‘deeply damaging’. However the practice is still widespread, especially in religious communities. Come hear first-hand experiences of people that have survived such ‘therapies’.

RoboEthics and rabbis: being Jewish during the robot apocalypse

Michael Even David  Jonathan Pam  Deborah Blausten  Kevin Lieberman 

Red 1

If a self-driving car is in a collision, who is at fault? What if we think drones that automatically kill are problematic, but our adversaries are developing them? Is it okay that therapeutic, pet-like robots are used to engage dementia patients? Join us for a panel on Jewish approaches to the ethical questions introduced by robots. Bleep Blorp!

Scrabble schmabble

Simon Rosenstone 

Blue 32

Join me for the best board game ever invented - Scrabble. You can use as many Hebrew and Yiddish words as you like as well, of course, as English.

Pears Short Film Fund and other shorts

Linda Berkowitz  UK Jewish Film Festival 

Orange 13

UK Jewish Film is delighted to showcase this year's winning short films sponsored by the Pears Foundation: The Master of York (Kieron Quirke) and The Outer Circle (Adam Baroukh); as well as The Entertainer (Jonathan Schey) and The Chop (Lewis Rose). No captions provided.

Songs of Israel: Mizrach and Ashkenaz

Yoav Oved 

Yellow 24

A concert featuring a mixture of music, all popular Israeli songs, that give the wide spectrum of Israeli culture: from Morocco to Egypt, Russia to Germany. Short explanations during the performance will contextualise the songs and give a deeper and more meaningful experience.

Speed friending!

Social Programming Team 

Red 7

This lively session will involve playing some quick-fire games to help you to get to know your fellow participants. This is an ideal way to new people and have a laugh at the same time!

“That’s no job for a nice Jewish…”: Jews in creative industries

Ruth Taylor-Jacobson  Gabriel Wolff  Chari Pere  Sarah Klegman  Emma Brand 

Orange 10

Ever been met with awkward silence at Jewish gatherings, when you reveal you’re not a doctor, lawyer, or accountant? Ever worried about the prospects of younger relatives who don’t want to enter the typical “professions”? Come hear inspirational speakers discuss their unique paths, and how they’ve channelled a different kind of Jewish in their work

The Bull and the Ram

Mark Creeger 

Red 6

A work-in-progress musical story exploring amazing acts of bravery and ingenuity by Jews who remained in Spain after the expulsion in 1492.

Who wrote that?

Robert Brody 

Green 26

We may sit in shule (synagogue) and hear the traditional melodies and compositions but there is no mechanism whereby the congregation might learn about the background of the music or the life of its composer. In this session we will have the opportunity to link the music with the musicians and begin to remedy this situation.

The Banker in the Bath: Jews in the Golden Age of British mystery writing

Shoshi Ish-Horowicz 

Orange 11

The 1920s and 1930s are known as the Golden Age of British mystery writing, creating a host of memorable heroes and villains. With the help of our little grey cells and a healthy dose of suspicion, we’ll be investigating how Jews were presented in the most popular British literature of the inter-war years.

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