Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Saturday 21:45
Shabbat programme

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"Be strong, be manly" to be a Jewish man from Tanach to today

David Cassuto 

Green 26

From a perspective based on the value structure of traditional Judaism, we will study stories from Tanach to explore what it means to be a man. We will then have a look at contemporary religious and secular writings about the role of men in relationships and in society.

Jewish Broadway in 2018 - learn and sing along

David Benkof 

Red 6

Three of the best current Broadway shows – the Tony-winning Dear Evan Hansen, Come from Away, and the new musical The Band’s Visit (based on an Israeli film) have major Jewish themes and connections. Learn about these awesome shows and listen to some of their most tuneful, stirring numbers. And warm up your voices, because we’re going to sing!

Jewish China - past and present situation

Yael Farjun 

Orange 11

A brief history of the Jewish connection to China and a description of today's communities. Yael will tell her own personal story as part of the bigger picture of Jewish life in China.

Jihad comes to Europe

Benjamin Weinthal 

Orange 10

The rise of Jihadi mini-movements across Europe. Both Sunni Jihadism and Shiite Jihadism will be examined in Europe. Germany, Switzerland and Austria will be extensively covered.

Oh brother! Conflicts and resolution in Bereshit

Natan Abenaim 

Orange 12

Brotherhood should mean affection, but it means rivalry. From Cain to Joseph and his brothers this question unfolds throughout the book of Bereshit. Why is it so central? How does it come to resolution? Or does it?

Stories of Spadina: Toronto's Jewish community

Sharoni Sibony 

Blue 34

An armchair "walking tour" through downtown Toronto's Kensington Market. Once home to nearly 40,000 Jews, the Market reveals a snapshot of Jewish social, religious, and political life in one of Canada's biggest cities. Drawing on oral history, archival research, and community work, this talk brings Toronto (Canada) to your doorstep.

Taharah - a journey of body and soul

Holly Blue Hawkins 

Yellow 21

As body and soul part company at death, the taharah ceremony provides a process for simultaneously honouring the body and elevating the soul of the departed, in one exquisite ritual. This session focuses on the steps of ritually preparing the body for burial while following the liturgical framework in which the physical preparation takes place.

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