Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Tuesday 18:50

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American Jewish political behaviour: reflections on two competing ideologies: American Jewish liberalism vs. conservative Jewish political thought

Steven Windmueller 

Orange 14

Why do American Jews remain politically liberal? What is the future of Jewish conservative political activism and new political trends within the Jewish community? Professor Windmueller will provide both a historical and contemporary analysis of Jewish political practice in the States.

Are Jews white?

Yael Shafritz  Andrea Jacobs 

Orange 11

As increased racist and antisemitic violence and rhetoric flood our communities around the world, what is the connection between the white supremacy “out there” and the impact of white majority culture on Jewish life, community and identity?

Being Second or Third Generation, what does that mean to you?

Leah Burman  Barbara Dresner 

Yellow 22

A discussion facilitated by two members of the Second Generation of Holocaust Survivors, both with wide experience of working in groups with members of the Second and Third generation. There is no agenda other than to allow some exploration of what our heritage means to us.

Finding a job outside the Jewish world

Oren Cohen 

Green 25

Did you start your career at such a young age that you didn't even realise you were starting a career? Fast forward 5-10 years, are you curious about what else is out there but anxious about explaining what a "pe'ula" is and what we did at "shnat"? Your skills are real, transferable and in demand. Come and learn how to communicate them.

Israel - three big questions: is Israeli society coming together or tearing apart? (3 of 3)

Robin Moss 

Red 5

Over three sessions, we'll explore three issues of existential importance to Israel in the 21st Century. I'll frame the question, you bring the answers! Finally, we'll confront Israeli society's greatest internal challenge, social cohesion. On some measures, Israel is becoming ever more divided. On others, things are looking up. Who is right?


Lucy Prevezer 

Red 3

Come play this Jewish version of the classic game articulate. Beat the other teams in the descriptive game of food, Jewish places, people and Judaica.

Limmud Volunteering Happy Hour

Eli Ovits 

Blue 32

Want to know more about volunteering for Limmud? Join some Limmud volunteers, including the chair and members of the board of trustees, at the Millers bar for a drink and a chat and see what you can do to help keep Limmud growing and developing.

Maimonides' halachic writings against the background of Muslim law and jurisprudence of the period

Gideon Libson 

Red 2

In this lecture, we will discuss legal rulings in Maimonides' writings in which we find the influence of the Islamic legal tradition of his time - both in the domain of private law and of rules regarding the legal status of Jewish women. In addition, we will pay attention to his polemics against Islamic practices in his legal and philosophical writings.

Practical first aid advice

Francis Treuherz 

Yellow 21

A discussion of practical first aid presented together by Francis Treuherz who is a homeopath and Zeb who has been a paramedic at Limmud for many years. Opportunity for questions.

Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Jewish Renewal & the Jewish Spiritual Path (2 of 2)

Danny Newman 

Blue 33

This session will explore some of Reb Zalman's spiritual teachings, including: Paradigm Shift Judaism; Post-Triumphalist Judaism and Deep Ecumenism. 2nd session of 2.

Seeing the tears of the halachically oppressed

Aryeh Klapper 

Orange 10

Among the most powerful self-critiques in rabbinic literature is a midrash identifying mamzerim as “oppressed by the power of Torah”. Later works extend the critique to agunot. How have halachists responded to this critique when addressing these issues? What lessons can we learn about the effectiveness of moral critique within the halachic system?

Social leadership and activism

Vital Zinger 

Blue 34

In this session, Vital will share her personal experience as a social leader and activist at school, in the army, in sports, fighting for accessibility and for inclusion of people with disabilities, raising awareness for social causes, fighting stigmas and prejudices, and empowering people to do the same.

The Binding of Isaac - the real story

Adam Overlander-Kaye 

Orange 12

We are taught that the 'Binding' of Isaac was one of Abraham's 10 tests. Abraham supposedly passed the test and Isaac wasn't hurt (or was he?). But what happened next? Where is Sara? Did you know that the Devil is also involved? Does this story in the Torah make you feel a little uncomfortable?

The partitioning of India - one Jewish family’s story

Margaret Jacobi  Harry Jacobi  Richard Jacobi 

Red 1

70 years ago, British India was partitioned, 15 million people displaced and 1–2 million killed. Our grandfather, a railway engineer in what became Pakistan, his wife and their eight children, including our mother, were caught up in the traumatic events. We will trace the story of our family through those events, piecing together their memories.

The Tent of Secrets

Abi Symons 

Hilton Lobby

An immersive, pop up session where individuals can sit for a few minutes to experience the Tent of Secrets. Give a secret, take a secret, remain anonymous. Write it, put it in an envelope & leave it behind. Share someone's burden & know that you are not alone. Sit, learn about the catharsis of sharing secrets then let your own secret go.

Under the uniforms

Mor Sofer 

Orange 13

Mostly, IDF soldiers are busy with military tasks and missions. In their spare time they have a new hobby: obtaining likes, shares and even protesting on social media against their own army. In this session, Mor will review viral posts and discuss why soldiers are taking to social media, if this new hobby serves the IDF and how it is viewed by Israelis

What does a Jew look like?

Deborah Kahn-Harris  Luz Toff  Daniel Fingeroth  Susan Reuben  Eli Gaventa  Gabriel Wolff  Raymond Simonson  Keith Kahn-Harris 

Orange 15

It’s a familiar cliche - a newspaper story about Jews, illustrated with a picture of Haredi men. What alternatives are there to the stock photo of men with black beards and black hats? In this session, panellists choose the pictures of Jews they’d like to see in the media.

Women - airing our dirty laundry (safely)

Sally Patterson  Laura Marks 

Red 7

A safe space for all people who identify as women, to share thoughts on those times or experiences about which we tend to keep quiet, assuming we alone had this experience. "Has anyone else ever...?"

Would Abraham have used an app to host a tea party?

Sara Leviten  Jo Nissim 

Red 4

Come and find out about new initiatives at Jewish Care and the challenges that face us in the modern world of volunteering.

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