Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Thursday 09:20

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Between the Rav-Kav (the Israeli oyster card) to the autonomous car: how will we move in the 21st century?

Oded Gvaram 

Orange 11

From Waze and Mobileye, Israeli companies that were sold to Google and Intel, to the small Israel start-ups, they are all looking for the next solution in transportation but are they on the right track?

Divine abstraction

Charles Justin 

Purple 31

Join Charles Justin in exploring the idea of the abstract Divine in our secular world. Manifestations of the Divine will be studied through an abstract art work from his collection, in a PowerPoint presentation. The audience will be guided to interrogate the art works as Jewish scholars have traditionally done with text to unlock their meaning.

How did a non-Jew end up working as director of We Believe in Israel and how can we get more non-Jews involved in campaigning for Israel?

Luke Akehurst 

Red 5

Luke Akehurst explains the personal story of how, as a non-Jewish farmer’s son from Kent, he ended up as Director of We Believe in Israel, and draws wider lessons from this on how the Jewish community can engage with potential allies.

How Moses invented freedom of information

Gabriel Kanter-Webber 

Green 27

Ask anyone, and they'll tell you that freedom of information was invented by the Finnish priest Anders Chydenius. (Honestly; everyone thinks that.) But here, a rabbinic student and ardent freedom of information activist will explore the Jewish roots of transparency, accountability and the right to scrutinise our leaders.

Jewish nonviolence: you shall love…Israeli violence?

Ilana Sumka 

Orange 14

The Shema obligates us to love God with our entire being. The Israeli military occupation is 50 years old. The government of Israel claims to speak on behalf of all Jews. We will study these three points and ask: what possibilities exist through the use of Jewish nonviolence to end the Israeli occupation and bring peace and justice?

K'mo b'bayit- what does home mean to you?

Luz Toff 

Orange 12

Luz recently wrote her undergraduate thesis on what home means to Anglophone-Jewish women around the world. What does home mean to you? Come and hear some of my key findings. There will be an opportunity to explore some of the questions yourself in a group discussion.

Long distance relationship survival guide

Max Jared Einsohn  Shannyn Gelbart 

Yellow 21

In the interconnected world we live in, we find ourselves linked to people who are not geographically close. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, every bond requires effort to be successful. Join Ahavat Hinam (Max Jared - USA and - AUS) as they share their top tips for staying present and connected with loved ones far away.

Messianic Judaism - where is our border?

Roderick Young 

Red 3

Messianic Judaism teaches that a Jew can only be "completed" by accepting Yeshua (Jesus). We will look at its history and theology and see how it is regarded by normative Jewish organisations. The presenter believes that a Messianic Jew is a Christian and loses the right to be called a Jew - are they right?

Naomi Shemer – the songwriter who wrote the soundtrack of the State of Israel

Karen Ettinger 

Green 25

Follow the history of the first decades of the State of Israel through the songs of Naomi Shemer, the famous songwriter, with material from her archive, housed in the National Library of Israel.

Navigate change with confidence (work-life) (2 of 2)

George Halfin  Matthew Halfin 

Blue 34

Taking a leap into the unknown can be daunting. There is an inbuilt guidance system that helps us navigate through life, but we often obscure it by overthinking, through anxiety, or a desire to be in control. We will share an understanding that will help you gain the confidence and clarity to step into the unknown and enjoy the ride!

New Jewish visibilities/visual Jewish outing

Eli Philippe Fabrikant  Gabriel Wolff 

Red 4

The question of Jewish visibility undergoes a considerable change. After leaving behind the yarmulke and peyot, growing numbers of secular Jews choose ‘wearing’ their Jewish identity outwardly as an individual expression. In this workshop, we will explore the new Jewish visibilities and their impact on modern Jewish identity.

The calves of our lips? Making sense of sacrifice

Leon Morris 

Red 6

For most contemporary Jews, the idea of animal sacrifices is an anathema. Classical Jewish sources are filled with references to ancient sacrifices that may make us extremely uncomfortable. Explore how theories of gift-giving and the sublimation of violence may help us rescue and reclaim texts about sacrifice. Incense and animals are optional.

The China Perspective - Starting a business in China and how being Jewish can actually help

Yael Farjun 

Blue 33

Explaining some of the less-understood perceptions about China and how being Jewish can actually be an advantage if starting a business in China.

The secret life of money

Michael Ross 

Green 26

Have you ever looked at your bank statement and wondered where the money went? Together, we will reveal to you the secrets that you never knew about your money and your relationship with it. We will find out about some of the sneaky ways that emotions and impulses help your money escape, and see what you can do to take back control.

Who am I responsible for? Jewish obligations to help non-Jews

Steve Miller 

Orange 10

What should we consider when faced with multiple and very different demands on our time, energy and money? Starting with some Jewish texts, we will move on to a discussion of the choices we make in our own lives, and why.

Breaking The Silence presents: The 'ghost town' of Hebron

Frima Bubis 

Orange 13

Hebron, the largest Palestinian city in the West Bank, has a great significance in the Jewish tradition and is the only Palestinian city that has an Israeli settlement in the heart of it. Why is it a 'ghost town'? The reality of the city will be explored through a virtual tour and soldier's testimonies about their service there.

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