Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Thursday 10:40

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An idiot’s guide to kashrut

Shira Solomons 

Green 25

Is it bugging you that you don’t know enough about kashrut? Pig out on all the kosher information in this session. No porkies! Promise!

Antisemitism in Germany/Europe

Benjamin Weinthal 

Orange 10

The session will cover antisemitism, including lethal Jew-hatred, in Europe. Central Europe will be a key area of focus. Modern antisemitism in Germany will also be tackled.

A rabbinic revolution - Bet Midrash beginners (4 of 4)

Roni Tabick 

Red 9

When Rabban Gamliel goes too far once again, his colleagues decide he needs to be removed. How do we respond to power used abusively? When should we take direct action against a leader? And can a leopard change his spots?

Creating sacred spaces

Happie Hoffman  Eric Hunker 

Red 3

People don’t remember days or weeks, they remember moments. Dive deep into the ways you can set your programming and prayer up for success and impact. This session will contain a mixture of best practices for session/service/programme leadership from around the world.

Guess who (and their food allergies) is coming to (Shabbat) dinner?

Luz Toff  Penelope Toff 

Green 26

Don't panic! Information, vital tips and recipes for planned and last minute guests who can't eat gluten, dairy, nuts or who only eat "paleo" or FODMAP. Nutritionally balanced options for vegetarians, vegans and people with multiple-allergy combinations included. Come with your questions and ideas and leave relaxed and ready to host all-comers.

Hadarat Nashim: the exclusion and inclusion of women in Jewish life

Jill Jacobs  Yaffa Epstein  Dina Brawer  Dena Weiss  Atira Winchester 

Orange 15

Hadarat Nashim is a relatively new catch-all term used to describe the exclusion of women from active, public life. What can women from across the Jewish spectrum do to buck this trend and help other women find their voices? This session is presented in association with JOFA (the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance) and the New Israel Fund.

High Holy Days Nusach

Jaclyn Chernett 

Red 6

Very old traditions are being lost through lack of awareness. Come and learn some of the very special Kaddishim for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

Homeopathy in Jewish Life

Francis Treuherz 

Yellow 21

The principles of homeopathy, with examples from Jewish sources (Midrash & Talmud). Homeopathy is now central to healthcare in many traditional Jewish communities & in Israel. This session shares stories of using homeopathy in a Jewish context, during life-cycle events, with practical examples and opportunity for questions & discussion.

John Mann MP - Ken Livingstone's nightmare!

John Mann  Andrew Gilbert 

Red 1

The non-Jewish chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group against antisemitism gives his perspective of where we go from here in the fight against antisemitism. In conversation with Andrew Gilbert.

Lies, damned lies, and opinion polls

Daniel Bernstein Vulkan 

Green 27

Not sure whether or not to trust that survey of people's attitudes? You're probably right to worry. The methodology behind many surveys (not just of or about the Jewish community) is often worryingly flawed. We'll look at some recent examples of good and bad practice, and discover some of the pitfalls and problems.

Mishlei/Proverbs: weaving the web of wisdom

Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz 

Red 5

Mishlei (Proverbs) is one of the more unfamiliar books of the Bible, and is sometimes seen as quite anti-women. But is it? Come and meet Lady Wisdom, hang out with the Woman of Worth, and find out how knowledge of the textile arts can help you acquire skills for life.

"On that day" (Experienced Morning Intensive) (4 of 4)

Joseph Israel  Benjamin Stanley 

Red 9

We will dig deeper into the narrative of Rabban Gamliel's removal. Who will fill the vacuum in the bet midrash? This is part of the Bet Midrash morning intensive for learners with some experience, looking to get close to texts.

The game of "growing" Africa's emergent leadership

Genna Barnett 

Red 7

What initiatives can promote violence-free elections in Africa? How can values-based leadership training help tackle corruption in African nations? These are some of the complex questions addressed in an interactive game designed by former Liberian Minister of Foreign Affairs and played by Tzedek youth leaders in Ghana. Come play, it's Ghana be fun!

We have rights too! Using the law to beat BDS in the UK

Jonathan Turner 

Blue 33

The session will discuss how the law can be used in the UK to counter BDS and other efforts to undermine Israel, using case studies drawn from the experience of UK Lawyers for Israel and other organisations.

Where is my Gypsy wife tonight? Hosea, Ezekiel, and Leonard Cohen on betrayed love, human and divine.

Naftali Brawer 

Orange 11

Leonard Cohen’s haunting lyrics draw heavily on biblical imagery depicting the Jewish people and God in a passionate but tempestuous relationship combining love, sex, jealousy, and violence. We will open up this song, seeking its biblical parallels and explore its deeper meaning. A must for LC fans!

Who is Rabbi Eliezer? Mnemonist and magician (4 of 4)

Jeremy Tabick 

Red 9

Divisive but highly respected; conservative but deeply radical; always right but, in the end, excommunicated — there is hardly a more colourful or complex character among our sages than Rabbi Eliezer, son of Hyrcanus. Best for those with basic experience learning rabbinic texts in original.

Landgericht discussion

Ruth Barnett 

Red 4

Come and discuss the film Landgericht, and the story behind the film with Ruth Barnett.

Overeaters anonymous

Orange 13

Can't stop eating? Do you do yo-yo diets? Feel guilty about eating? Obsessed about your body? We will be bringing the 12 step programme OA to Limmud Festival to give you a chance to explore a solution to your eating problems.

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