Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Thursday 12:10

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Beyond good and evil

Naftali Brawer 

Orange 12

What are the origins of evil? Who is Satan and what is his purpose? If G-d is beneficent, how does He allow evil to flourish? And given that evil does flourish, does that weaken G-d’s claim to beneficence or omnipotence? We will explore this conundrum through the lens of rabbinic, mystical and Hasidic literature as well as non-Jewish sources.

Crafting and designing Zionism: the early years of the Bezalel

Sharoni Sibony 

Blue 33

A Lithuanian artistic director. A Berlin-based Board of Directors. Yemenite labourers. A Western market for household goods. East meets West in the formation of a national art and craft movement. The early years of the Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts (1906-29) were fraught with tensions yet laid the foundation of a Jewish domestic aesthetic in Jerusalem.

Daf yomi - Shevuot 30

Lea Taragin-Zeller 

Red 6

What's a woman's word worth? Limmud takes you one step further in your daf yomi.

How important are the settlements, really?

Amos Schonfield 

Green 25

Building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem has come increasingly under the spotlight in recent months. But the speed at which the settlements have grown, and the reality of what that means for the viability of a Palestinian state, is rarely discussed in detail. This session will aim to demystify some of these increasingly controversial questions.

It’s not over until the progressive lady sings!

Graham Carpenter 

Yellow 21

A shocking 84% of Israeli Knesset Ministers support freedom of religion yet the struggle for pluralism intensifies. The Women of the Wall are centre stage, but similar issues are raging with the Ultra-Orthodox monopoly on marriage, conversion, recognition & more. What does the future hold for those seeking greater separation of religion and state?

Film screening: Lonely but not alone

Nathan Lopes Cardozo 

Orange 13

A documentary on the unusual life and thoughts of Nathan Lopes Cardozo.

Marvelous Mishnahs and where to find them

Dina Brawer 

Red 2

What is Mishnah? Why should you study it? How is it relevant to our lives? Join us for this interactive tour and taster of the 63 tractates of Mishnah. This session is designed to complement the #YourTorah mishnah podcast. Check it out at

Our Brilliant Friend: The unmasking of Elena Ferrante

Julia Wagner  Aviva Dautch 

Green 27

With the revelation that Ferrante, the author of the Neapolitan Novels, is in fact translator Anita Raja, the daughter of a German Jewish refugee, come a host of ethical and literary questions. How do we respond to her unmasking? Does it change the way we read her writing? And should we now consider her work part of the canon of Jewish literature?

Red lines: the eight categories of media bias

Simon Plosker 

Purple 31

Ever got really angry at a story about Israel? You know it's biased but you can't quite put your finger on exactly why. HonestReporting is educating news consumers and has created the eight categories of media bias. Find out, through examples, how you can recognise bias from HR's Managing Editor. All participants will receive a free e-book.

The Czech Kindertransport and its resonance today

Barbara Winton 

Orange 15

How did 29-year-old Nicholas Winton succeed in bringing 669 endangered, mostly Jewish, children to safety in Britain in 1939? And what can we learn from his methods for today's refugee crisis?

The Garden of Eden story: learning who we are

Michael M. Cohen 

Red 4

There are many ways to understand the Garden of Eden story. We will read it as an exploration of what it means to be a human being; an unfolding of human self-awareness.

The problem of many gods

Zev Warren Harvey 

Red 5

Can philosophy prove monotheism? Drawing on several medieval religious thinkers, we’ll explore the relationship between religion and philosophy.

The role of a youth movement

Elinor Knox 

Orange 10

In this workshop we will be looking at and engaging in discussions about what a youth movement means to young people both in the past and today. We will be exploring the revolutionary powers youth movements have and what changes we can do to bring them out.

The wife of God

Colin Purkey 

Green 26

The Shechina is never mentioned in the bible, however there are precursors in the manifestations of God's glory. This talk explores the development to the concept of the Shechina from the Biblical precursors, through the Talmud and culminating in the Zoharic myth of the Shechina as God's wife.

We're back in the USSR: The survival and revival of Jewish life in Belarus

Debra Brunner  Jonathan Clingman  Sophie Teff  Jake Goldman 

Blue 34

Discover daily life and what it means to be a Jew on the edge of Europe. Haunted by the painful legacies of the Holocaust and repressive Soviet rule, many are unable to engage with their Jewishness. Youth for Youth empowers young adults to live full Jewish lives, for the first time in generations. And you can be part of this transformation too!

How much antisemitism is there in the United Kingdom?

Noru Tsalic 

Orange 11

Statistics are worrying. For British Jewry, antisemitism has become a concern often discussed around the dinner tables. But antisemitism is also a hotly contested accusation. So when is an act/a comment antisemitic? How much of it is there? Should we be worried? The session will address these topics via a presentation and debate with the audience.

A History of Judaism

Martin Goodman 

Red 1

How much has Judaism changed since biblical times? How much have Jews in different periods disagreed on theology and practice, and what have they done to resolve their disagreements? How has Judaism been shaped by other religions and cultures? How much of the historical record of Judaism has been lost, and what can be done to fill in the gaps? The talk will present the themes explored in the new book, A History of Judaism, bringing examples from the past three thousand years.

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