Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Monday 14:40

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Better done than perfect: how to overcome procrastination

Juliet Landau-Pope 

Red 6

Do you struggle with perfectionism at work, at home or while studying? This workshop explores the relationship between perfectionism and procrastination. It considers what Jewish tradition teaches us about perfectionist tendencies and how to manage them. Juliet will share practical strategies and motivational tips to kickstart you into action.

Habakkuk - does his fear from God precede his wisdom?

Tova Ganzel 

Red 3

In the book Habakkuk, there are three chapters - the first two include a piercing dialogue between the prophet and God, while the third chapter contains personal prayer by the prophet. In this shiur, we will examine both parts of the book, and see that the image of the prophet is understood only through a study that includes both his wisdom and his fear.

Henna Judaica

Sandra Jerusalmi 

Yellow 22

Henna designs are mostly known as an Arabic or Indian tradition, or sometimes Sephardi. By giving it an artistic Jewish specificity, we create a strong relation between our roots and the world we live in. Every Jewish day is an occasion to create a new tradition: TuBishvat fruits, Chanukiot, etc. Experience it and get a (temporary) Henna Judaica!

In Russia, a Jewish paradise the colour of hell-flames

Cnaan Lipshiz 

Orange 15

From the Kremlin’s punching bag during the Communist era, Russian Jews have become its darling under Vladimir Putin. Serviced by Chabad’s army of rabbis in the region, they and their Ukrainian brethren enjoy freedoms that have made their communities bloom in 25 years into two of the world’s strongest and largest. So why are so many of them leaving?

Is Europe safe for Jews?

Benjamin Weinthal 

Orange 10

The session will cover antisemitism in Europe and the rise of BDS on the continent. We will also discuss Hamas, Hezbollah and Iranian regime operations in Europe.

Is life coaching an essentially Jewish journey?

Daniella Shaw 

Purple 31

We'll discuss the increasingly popular phenomenon of ‘life coaching’ in the context of Jewish notions such as teshuvah, listening and authenticity. This session will challenge common misconceptions about coaching as a purely self-centred exercise and asks whether the coaching journey is in essence a Jewish journey.

Israel, Israel, Israel... time for another view through poetry

Adam Overlander-Kaye 

Orange 11

We will discuss modern and contemporary Israeli poetry that is simultaneously humorous, irreverent and filled with both grief and wisdom. The session will be an opportunity to explore themes connected to Israeli society and Judaism but free from the usual noise of politics or religious dogma (possibly).

Jewish Magic, or how to create a Golem in three easy steps

Yoel Finkelman 

Blue 33

Magic - the deliberate manipulation of supernatural forces for human ends - has a robust place in Jewish history. Jews throughout history cast spells, wrote amulets, and crafted magical objects; to heal themselves, battle natural disasters and save themselves from dark cosmic forces. What were these practices and objects? Do they work, and how?

Jewish pupils speak out

Keith Kahn-Harris 

Yellow 23

The rapid growth in the proportion Jewish young people attending Jewish schools has raised some difficult questions: are we raising a generation of Jews isolated from the rest of the world? Do Jewish schools erode enthusiasm for Judaism? In this session we will hear from Jewish pupils attending both Jewish and non-Jewish schools.

Knit and natter - knitting circle

Social Programming Team 

Blue 32

Knitting and nattering. Two great past-times. Why not combine the two and meet new people in the process?

Lost in Translation

Simon Spungin 

Green 27

The pitfalls and politics of translating Hebrew into English - from exploding pomegranates to incomprehensible acronyms.

Playwriting 101

Joshua Harmon 

Orange 12

Have you ever considered writing a play? Or wondered how a play is made? Come for a discussion about play structure, dialogue, characters, and how stories get told onstage. We will use Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie' as a source text to dive into the fundamentals of writing for the stage.

Rikud Hadash

Sheila Eizensharf 

Red 7

Come to the launch of IDI's new youth dance programme - for the young and young at heart. Learn new line and circle dances to energise you and encourage you to Join the Circle. This is a special programme to celebrate Israel 70!

The High Holy Days - No-one knows what Rosh Hashanah is all about (1 of 2)

Clive Lawton 

Yellow 24

One of the most widely marked days in the Jewish year, its purpose is mysterious and its origins even more so. Clive guarantees at least two original thoughts for each of you in this session as well as a considerable amount of confusion.

There is no reverse “birthright "

Tali Farkash 

Red 1

How do Israelis see the Jewish communities around the world? This question will be at the centre of this lecture. We will meet face-to-face with the historical, social and economic myths of identity that play a role in this understanding, and we will rethink what we can do to change this picture for good.

The social life of texts: towards an anthropology of Midrash (1 of 2)

Lea Taragin-Zeller 

Red 5

How can anthropological perspectives enhance our understanding of Jewish texts? During this workshop, social theorists Karl Marx, Georg Simmel and Mary Douglas will collaborate with traditional Jewish philosophers to explore the intersection of social critique, religion and redemption.

Unity of variety of Jewish halachah – the Sephardi versus the Ashkenazi viewpoint

Roni Weinstein 

Red 4

Is there one, final halachic position? Could it be achieved at all? The response to such questions relates to different positions in regard to legal veracity in Sephardi and Ashkenazi traditions.

Whitewashed - antisemitism in the Labour Party

Ged Ornstein  David Hirsh  Judith Ornstein 

Blue 34

This year’s Labour Party Conference was evidence that Chakrabarti’s inquiry had no teeth. Judith Ornstein unearthed evidence that powerful submissions by Howard Jacobson, Baroness Ruth Deech, academics, and activists were not heeded. She has made them public in a book, and David Hirsh interviews the writers in an explosive film ‘Whitewashed’.

Who is Torah? She is Wisdom/Chochmah (1 of 2)

Daniel Lichman 

Green 25

What if we think of Torah as a person? The well-known phrase about Torah - that ‘she is a tree of life’ - is taken from the book of Proverb/Mishlei who says this about Chochmah. Come learn about the fascinating character of Chochmah and how she became/is Torah. This is the first stage in a quest in search of the living Torah.

Why did Cain kill Abel? Sibling rivalry and how to avoid it

Hadassah Fromson  Sam Fromson 

Red 2

When siblings fight the results can be disastrous. Together we will explore some famous biblical stories of sibling rivalry and develop ideas that provide practical insight as to how to manage sibling dynamics in a modern, busy family.

Money, money, money

Pam Mackenzie 

Green 26

Enlightening young adults about money, including compounding interest, bank accounts, investing, passive income, good and bad debt, renting for the first time and more!

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