Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Monday 23:10

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BEMET live

Hod Moshonov 

Yellow 24

BEMET is a well-known electronic producer, keyboardist and outstanding performer from Tel Aviv, who is single handedly returning the keytar from its 80's purgatory. He has been steadily building momentum over the last two years working with the giant dubstep artists Borgore and Major Lazer. His most recent singles took the Israeli radio by storm and dazzled the media - you don't want to miss this live rave set!

Curly Girl collective

Shoshana Bloom  Hannah Brady 

Orange 10

Tired of lacklustre, limp frizz? Dreaming of glossy, bouncy, shiny curls? Curly girls, guys, and kindred spirits should come along for the haircare ride of your life! From perfect peyot to wunderkind waves, discover and share the tips, tricks and products that can keep your barnet sharp.

Danish Jewish community

Lucas Espinosa Menendez 

Green 26

There is more to the Jews in Denmark than the rescue during the war. We will explore the history, the communities and how is to be a Jew in Denmark, the most a-religious country in Europe.

DIY or YID humour

Graham Newman 

Red 4

A brief look at humour including some Jewish jokes. Then you are invited to tell your own favourite jokes which is less daunting than most people think. See if you can make more people laugh than I or the other participants can. Try "stand up comedy" whilst sitting down. GSOH an advantage.

Fire, water, darker: Leonard Cohen, Yair Rosenblum; subversive prayer

Samuel Barth 

Yellow 21

Through music and metaphor Leonard Cohen and Yair Rosenblum subvert the classic High Holyday "Unetaneh Tokef. Looking closely at text and beyond text, seeing music as midrash, we uncover more facets of meaning. Some of light and pathways, others respond to Cohen's haunting demand: "You Want It Darker?" What might "avert" the "decrees" we face?

Hypothetical dating!

Social Programming Team 

Red 7

Meet new people and ponder some of life's great questions together in this fun dating session! Advised ages 30 - 45 but all welcome.

Late night chavruta – Encountering the Divine: Creation (1 of 3)

Limmud Chavruta Team 

Green 27

Can’t get enough learning? Come and study with the Limmud Chavruta Project late at night! This year we're re-visiting past years' books through a new lens: what it means to encounter the divine. Today, we'll explore creation and our role here on earth. Everyone welcome!

Stamford Hell - escaping the cult

Charlie Lewin 

Green 25

My experiences growing up in the Ultra Orthodox Hasidic world of Stamford Hill, London. How I escaped and my journey to healing through art and music.

Strange sounds

James Charles  Nathan Finkel 

Red 6

Relax and let your mind explore with Nathan's psychedelic instrumental creations. Featuring multiple instruments, layered together with a loop pedal and everything played live, plus the possibility of some special guests.

It says what?! In the Talmud?

Jacqueline Nicholls  Yaffa Epstein 

Red 1

Tall tales, and sensational stories - the Talmud is full of em! But what is the role of the bizarre and outrageous in Jewish life? In Art? Yaffa and Jacqueline exchange some of the strangest stories they have come across when learning Talmud.

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