Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Tuesday 21:50

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Adon Olam karaoke

Social Programming Team 

Blue 33

Can Adon Olam really be sung to any tune? Tonight, in a ground-breaking experiment, we aim to find out. Armed with a karaoke machine, anyone who is brave enough can try to perform Adon Olam to their choice of thousands of rock and pop tunes. Want to take part? Sign up on the noticeboard in the lobby.


Social Programming Team 

Purple 29

A twist on everybody's favourite description-based board game, but what if the prize had nothing to do with winning the game, and more to do with meeting that special someone... Advised ages 45 - 60 but all welcome.

Confucius, Ezra and Socrates – how to rebuild…

Raphael Zarum 

Orange 15

Surprisingly, they all lived in the same period and had a huge and comparable impact on the moral education of their people. In this session we will contrast their lives and teachings, as well as asking why our Sages were so in love with Ezra – their overlooked hero of the Bible.

Fighting anti-Israel media bias: time for some honest reporting (1 of 2)

Simon Plosker 

Green 25

Are you sick and tired of seeing Israel constantly slammed in the media? Since 2001, HonestReporting has been defending Israel from media bias and holding journalists to account. HR's Managing Editor will show how the media get it wrong, discuss why it happens, whether anti-Semitism is involved and how you can take effective action and get results.

Folk tale and fractal: how Kafkaesque are the Seven Beggars?

Anthony Lazarus 

Yellow 22

In a murky space between the Hasidic and the Modern stands Franz Kafka. Through him, a netherworld of wonder-working Rebbes became the stuff and structure of European Modernism. This session will dive into the murky world of Rebbe Nachman's - or perhaps Franz Kafka's? - greatest imaginative achievement: The Seven Beggars.

Funny/not funny

Rachel Creeger 

Red 5

There are always debates about the ways in which race and ethnicity are referred to in comedy, but in these current, sensitive times, are the boundaries becoming blurred? Is antisemitism ok if you’re “only joking”? Rachel discusses a few personal experiences and recent stories from the stand up circuit.

How not to date

Joey Leskin 

Red 2

Bad dates make for good stories. Bring a drink from the bar and the best of the worst to this story telling competition. Or, if you don't have anything to share, just come listen and enjoy some good old fashioned schadenfreude.

Judaism's minority within a minority

Carole Sterling  Graham Carpenter  Andrew Keene 

Red 1

Outside North America, non-orthodox Jews are a minority within a minority. Engage with political and societal challenges faced by Reform, Progressive, and Liberal communities around the world & learn how the World Union for Progressive Judaism works to build and sustain vibrant Jewish life on every continent; places you might never have considered!

Late night singalong with Dan

Dan Patterson 

Red 7

Bring your drums, guitars or just your voices to a singalong where we will sing our hearts out to British and Israeli songs. Suitable for everyone who likes to pretend we are at camp!

Love is Thicker than Water

Linda Berkowitz  UK Jewish Film Festival 

Orange 13

Introduced by Linda Berkowitz, this charming and quirky film stars Juliet Stevenson and Henry Goodman, tackling afresh the perennial question: can love truly and decisively conquer cultural and social differences? Love is Thicker than Water | 101 mins | Netherlands & UK | 2016 (No captions provided)| Dir Ate de Jong & Emily Harris

Michelle Citrin in concert

Michelle Citrin 

Yellow 24

Michelle is best known as a pioneer of celebrating Jewish culture on YouTube with viral videos reaching millions. Armed with a deep love for conveying ancient wisdom through a modern lens and a soulfully rich voice, Michelle’s captivating presence has won the hearts of audiences worldwide. Come sing and dance at this very special live concert!

Midrash of Thrones: Game of Thrones and Jewish ethics!

Ilan Emanuel 

Red 3

Pirke Avot teaches: "In a place where there are no human beings, strive to be a human being." Game of Thrones presents a dark and morally complex world in which few people are all good or all bad. What can this show teach us about the complexities of Jewish ethics in a cruel and dangerous world?

My untold Jewish story: Jewish status (3 of 3)

Debbie Danon 

Blue 34

My untold Jewish story is a safe and private space to explore challenging conversations that deepen, diversify and complicate our Jewish identities. A few brave speakers have chosen to share their stories relating to Jewish and/or halachic status with the support of our session moderator Debbie. Come along to share your Jewish story, or just to listen to and reflect upon fresh perspectives.

Satirical history of Israel

Yuval Keren 

Orange 11

In this session we will explore the history of Israel and its social fabric via past and present Israeli satirical video clips and commercial adverts.

Sephardi voices: stories from our archive

Elliot Jebreel 

Green 26

Over the latter half of the 20th century, c. 850,000 Jews were expelled and left their homes across the Middle East and North Africa – sizeable Jewish populations in countries such as Syria, Egypt, Iran and Iraq disappeared. Join us to hear a selection of stories from our archive and discuss how we continue to preserve this important heritage.

The Akedah revisited – with Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and…

Daniel Goldfarb 

Orange 12

Last Limmud we looked at the Akedah and how Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen viewed it. Like going from Shloshim to a year – perspectives change, and the good-bye song of Cohen’s last album provides new insights. Time to revisit. Does God really “Want it Darker”? Text, song and discussion.

Trans and nonbinary organising space

Zohar Mendzelevski-Steinberg 

Red 4

If you self define as trans, nonbinary, genderqueer or gender nonconforming, please come along to this space for us all to discuss what change we would like to effect in our Jewish and LGBT communities, what matters to us and also to hang out!

V is for vagina

Emily Hilton  Hannah Brady 

Orange 10

Back for another year, V is for vagina is a space for us to have open and honest conversations about women's bodies and experiences. Join us in processing this year's gendered trials and tribulations and breaking down the social taboos of the Jewish community and society at large!

What can our synagogues do about air pollution?

Jessica Gold 

Green 27

Are you concerned about air pollution? Would you like to be able to make a difference locally? Would you like your synagogue community to be able to make a difference? Come and find out how the Jewish community is greening itself and having an impact on the wider community. Share ideas and be inspired.

What is the point of Jewish education?

Elie Jesner 

Oasis 1

We invest a lot in Jewish education but it is quite rare to pause and wonder what we are trying to achieve through it. Does a religious education prepare our children and ourselves for 21st Century life, and if so how? What are the developmental dangers involved, and how can we manage and overcome them? What does healthy education look like?

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