Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Tuesday 23:10

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Challah Back Girls

Libby Burkeman  Shana Boltin 

Red 7

Who run the world? Girls. Libby, Shana, Billie, Britney, Beyonce, and more of your favourite ladies (and men) are back this year! We'll play your favourites tunes from across the decades, so you can break out your moves and dance like it's 5778. And the Jewish connection? Well, you'll be there...

How well do you know Jewish jokes?

David Benkof 

Red 5

Which joke starts “A man calls over his waiter” and ends with “Aha!”? After a long day of Limmuding, come and laugh, make friends, and enjoy Jewish humour with a friendly game based on classic Jewish jokes. Novices can play along, but if you think you know all the old ones, find out if you know them better than other Limmudniks. Bring your favourites.

Late night chavruta – Encountering the Divine: Partnership (2 of 3)

Limmud Chavruta Team 

Green 27

Can’t get enough learning? Come and study with the Limmud Chavruta Project late at night! This year we're re-visiting past years' books through a new lens: what it means to encounter the divine. Today, we'll explore the partnership of God and humanity. Everyone welcome!

Let's talk about sex

Amy Decker 

Yellow 22

Ever wanted to know how to give the perfect 'sex talk', or wondered quite how honest we should be when talking to young people? This session will explore the importance of openness and honesty in talking to young people about sex, relationships and other 'awkward' topics; as well as discussing the dos and don'ts of sex and relationships education.

Acoustic Cafe

Zoe Paskett  Michael Mendoza  Joey Leskin  Social Programming Team 

Red 6

Come to listen or come to play. This open mic music show is your opportunity to shine. All types of performances are welcome. Come share your music with Limmud.

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