Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Monday 17:30

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A Jewish approach to intimacy – what lessons does the Torah provide for healthy relationships?

Joanne Greenaway 

Red 2

What is the goal of intimacy and what are the guidelines for a successful relationship? What mitzvot do we have to govern our sexual behaviour, how they can help when problems arise and what if they cause problems? An honest look at our sources and tradition.

Are Mizrachi and Sephardi Jews ignored in our “ashkenormative” Jewish world?

Roxana Jebreel  Elliot Jebreel 

Orange 10

Growing up as a minority in the UK Jewish community raises questions: is everything Ashkenazi-centric? Is this a problem? As Jewish communities in the Middle East and Northern Africa dwindle, how do we ensure that customs are not lost? Come and explore these themes whilst we share experiences of growing up in the Jewish community as non-Ashkenazim.

Backgammon/Shesh Besh

Social Programming Team 

Purple 31

In Tel Aviv, people line the beach-front every day playing Shesh Besh, or Backgammon. Come and line the conference rooms of the Hilton Metropole, pick an opponent and have fun playing this classic game! Participants are highly encouraged to take on someone they didn't previously know!

Creating Culture: Jewish Arts for Wider Audiences

Adam Overlander-Kaye  Jacqueline Nicholls  Abigail Morris  Joshua Harmon  Aviva Dautch 

Orange 15

What do we need to think about when producing Jewish culture for diverse audiences? Are there any differences in the creative process when making art intended for Jews or non-Jews, and what is ‘Jewish’ culture anyway? Join an artist, playwright, poet, & the director of the Jewish Museum, London, for what’s sure to be a thought-provoking discussion.

Daf yomi - Shevuot 27

Dena Weiss 

Blue 32

A mishnah on meaningless vows and the meaning of mitzvah. Limmud takes you one step further in your daf yomi.

Damascus - the Jewish legacy (2017)

Adam Blitz 

Orange 11

This session will explore both the ancient and modern Jewish heritage of Damascus: its history, architecture, town planning and community. It will include new video and photo testimony as part of field work conducted by the presenter Adam Blitz in Damascus, Syria from as recently as October 2017.

Dreaming with Jacob through art and poetry

Sandy Sasso 

Orange 12

Why did the biblical Jacob stop for the night where he did, dream of a ladder and then find God in that place? Reading the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel, the rabbis wonder with whom or what did Jacob struggle. Poets, composers & artists also grapple with these texts, illuminating the power of fear, creativity & the revelation of the sacred.

Of money and morals

Paul Silver-Myer  Michael Shire 

Blue 34

Managing our money is a reflection of our values and brings into focus some of the difficult decisions we make about our use of money. How can we align our values and the ways we use our money within our families, in our giving to others and within our communities? Led by a rabbi and accountant we will explore dilemmas and Jewish texts about money.

Radical ritual: elevating life's smaller moments

Zöe Jacobs 

Red 7

Discover the potential for Jewish rituals to mark meaningful moments in life – from finishing medical treatment, to setting off on travels, to moving house, to going to sleep at night. Learn from examples created in the life of both a congregation and a youth movement, and ponder new possibilities for ritual in your life or your community.

Remembering the Romani genocide: how and when

Andrea Zanardo 

Red 5

Andrea believes we have the duty to honour the memory of the Romani victims of the Nazi genocide. How? He even has some ideas to share!

Researching antisemitism: who, what, why and how many?

Marie van der Zyl  Helena Miller  Michael Whine  David Hirsh  Keith Kahn-Harris 

Red 1

It’s been a big year for research on antisemitism in the UK with multiple new surveys and books published. The panellists will attempt to ‘digest’ all this new information and ask the big question - how do we research antisemitism today? And how much do numbers matter?

Share your story - for children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors

Rachel Green 

Green 27

Every survivor has a unique and special story. From hidden children, to partisans in the forest, to Kindertransport, to those liberated from camps, this session is a chance for participants to tell personal family stories. Develop a theme or format to expand your stories into full essays, novels, or memoir chapters - please bring something to write with.

Spiritual Resilience (2 of 3)

Jonathan Wittenberg 

Green 25

The Juedische Kulturbund: started after Jews were dismissed from the performing arts, the Jewish Cultural Association put on 8,457 events across Germany between 1933-38, from operas & plays to solo acts, to bring ‘joy, relief, & the eternal values’ of poetry, drama & music to give strength & solace. How did it work & what did it achieve?

The parable of the castle: Maimonides vs. Crescas

Zev Warren Harvey 

Red 4

Maimonides and Hasdai Crescas interpreted the same rabbinic midrash in different ways. We’ll see how their interpretations raise questions about the place of scepticism in Judaism.

What the Quakers did for the Jews of Nazi Europe

Peter Kurer 

Green 26

There were three groups of ways of getting out of Nazi Europe: on Kindertransport, with a guarantor, or taking a job which no one wanted, such as a maid, butler or cook. The Quakers were the only organisation which organised anything for the Jews of Nazi Europe.

Wrestling with grammar, gender and identity in Hebrew prayer

Yael Shafritz  Andrea Jacobs 

Blue 33

Jewish feminists began wrestling with gender in prayer, especially G-d-language, 25+ years ago. Yet in most Jewish spaces the language still reinforces an image of men addressing a male G-d. Why? How does language impact identity, community, religious authority? Come explore what liturgy evokes in you and try on ways to navigate gender and prayer.

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