Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Monday 18:50

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50 Years of liberation or occupation?

Eve Harow 

Red 4

In the 50 years since the 6 Day War, the Jewish residents of the disputed territories are often spoken about but rarely spoken to. Here's your chance to ask a longtime 'Settler' why she chose to live there, what are her fears and hopes, and what she has learned from the Arabs (and Jews!) with whom she interacts. Come and engage; you may be surprised.

Archaeology and the Bible: friends or foes

Lawrence Schiffman 

Green 25

This illustrated lecture will explore the role of archaeology for understanding the Bible and discuss the debate concerning the confirmations and the challenges that discoveries pose regarding biblical historical accounts.

Designs on Britain

Abigail Morris 

Red 1

This Jewish Museum exhibition shows 18 émigrés who transformed British design: Chopper bike, marble run, London bus stop, Penguin book, war and post-war posters and more. We’ll look at their work and explore the biblical and historical background, explaining how and why Jews burst on the scene: embracing modernism, producing iconoclastic design.

Digital Apamea - reconfiguring the ancient synagogue mosaics from 4th century Syria

Adam Blitz 

Orange 11

Deliberately buried under two successive churches lays the 4th century synagogue from Apamea, Syria - its mosaic floor with dedicatory inscriptions by both men and women largely intact. With the use of digital technology and recent field work (Damascus, October 2017), the synagogue floor can be recreated for the first time since excavation in 1934.

How to be a mensch - all you need to know about being a charity trustee

Jon Benjamin 

Blue 34

Our community is blessed with the number of people who want to volunteer for communal institutions; as trustees, school governors or on shul boards. But how many people fully understand what these roles involve and the legal responsibilities that they come with? This session will tell you all you need to know, so you can volunteer with confidence.

I’m not a number, I’m a free man! But is individuality compatible with Judaism?

Daniel Anderson 

Red 2

The TV classic ‘The Prisoner’ is the story of ‘Number 6’ and his ongoing attempts to escape ‘The Village’ where occupants are known only by numbers, not names. Rich in allegory, the story is about the struggle for individuality within the demands of conformity and could easily apply to religion. So, is individuality compatible with Judaism?

Is campus a safe space for Jews?

Daniel Katz  Marie van der Zyl  Sally Patterson  David Hirsh 

Orange 15

Much is made about antisemitism on UK campuses- too much, some say, and for others, not enough. Is it just clever fundraising or is there a real problem? If so, what is it and what's to be done?

Is Judaism handicapped when it comes to the differently abled?

David Levin-Kruss 

Orange 12

Some Jewish laws see those physically and mentally challenged as the other. This class looks at a few problematic cases and shows how rabbis and others have struggled and come up with novel ways to use Jewish teachings to create a world that celebrates diversity. We can use these same methodologies today regardless of who one is trying to include.

Longing to hear again: second naivete and post-modern Judaism

Leon Morris 

Orange 10

Our childhood beliefs are challenged by what we experience later in life. Similarly, many of the Jewish People's core beliefs were challenged by modernity. With many central myths shattered, our contemporary challenge is to creatively reclaim these ancient texts, laws, and rituals and allow them to speak to us in new ways.

PaJeS teacher cluster at Limmud Festival

Nic Abery 

Blue 32

Let's share the education buzz of Limmud and consider how we can bring a sparkle of it back to our schools.

Shine - the concert

Yoni Shine  Adina Shine  Daniel Shine 

Red 6

Danny has been running the Neshama Band for 25 years. His children Adina (20) and Yoni (10) are now starting to edge him out with their superb singing. We will perform a range of music of Israeli, religious and secular origin.

Single woman and birth

David Bigman 

Red 3

Is it permissible for a single woman to have a baby through artificial insemination by an anonymous sperm donor? A discursive response on this issue and comparison to other approaches.

The Art of Chant Leading: workshop for singers, musicians, cantors, rabbis, and lay leaders

Nava Tehila  Ilan Glazer  Daphna Rosenberg  Yoel Sykes  Ruth Gan Kagan 

Red 7

How to craft a good prayer-song session? How to lead a song that lifts the hearts? How to create community from a group of strangers? Come learn some tips from the leaders of Nava Tehila, one of the Jewish world's most innovative musical prayer communities. Workshop graduates are invited to co-lead a chant circle with us later this week.

The Bill of Rights: why do Americans tolerate hate speech and guns?

David Benkof 

Red 5

Many Brits are mystified the American constitution protects even risky and dangerous “rights” – like hate speech and firearms. Why do so many Americans think a sermon or a newspaper essay calling for murdering Jews should be entirely legal? Can widespread access to guns in fact protect Jews? Hear from a man who cherishes the Bill of Rights.

The kidnapped Yemenite children affair

Roi Grufi 

Orange 14

During the mass immigration of Mizrahi Jews to Israel in the 1950s, thousands of babies were kidnapped from absorption and transit camps. Come and learn about the history and the politics surrounding the affair and the activists that are now fighting to bring justice, healing, and recognition for the families.

Traffic magnets or myths? Digital marketing for communal organisations (Part 2)

Philippa Gamse 

Green 26

There are many marketing channels that you can use to promote your digital presence, but which ones should you invest your time (and money!) in? This highly interactive session will expose some of the myths around social media, mobile, search engines and paid advertising, and offer practical ideas to grow your online traffic, and your success.

G-d and goodness: an examination of Mordechai Kaplan’s conception of G-d

David Bilchitz 

Green 27

Do you struggle with the traditional conception of G-d? Mordechai Kaplan, a great Jewish philosopher of the 20th Century, thought that the conception of G-d in Jewish tradition could be rendered consistent with modernity and reason. Come and explore his philosophy, which poses challenges to the atheist and activist alike. It may just encourage you to believe!

Is the left right or is the right right? A discussion of political positions in the modern world, in Israel and in the Middle East

Noru Tsalic 

Orange 13

Are you left wing or right wing? Well, let me tell you a story… (Spoiler alert: it’s about ‘things’ like nation state, nationalism, internationalism, patriotism, universalism, particularism, Judaism, antisemitism, racism, Zionism and anti-Zionism… Also about political labels such as 'liberal', 'conservative', 'progressive'…)

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