Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Saturday 11:30
Shabbat programme

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Once upon a Shabbat

Caroline Hagard 

Green 27

Stories, songs and fun abound in this session. Come and hear Shabbat Stories to make you smile, come and sing lovely Songs and enjoy a fun session. Aimed at families with young children this session is open to all.

The origin of complex life on earth: how did it happen, and what can it teach us about encouraging social harmony?

Joel Peck 

Blue 33

Evolutionary biologists have discovered that complex life evolved on Earth in a surprising way. Previously independent organisms have repeatedly come together to create harmonious collectives that have new abilities. In this session we will learn about this history, and we will ask what it can teach us about encouraging peace in the modern world.

Stories of influence

Sarah Klegman  Aviva Dautch  Andrea Kamens  Cnaan Lipshiz 

Orange 13

What makes some stories so good that we never forget them? What stories have stayed with us and had an impact on our lives? Why do we need them and what do they add to our lives?

Israel is a Jewish democratic state?

Zehorit Sorek 

Yellow 21

Can Israeli laws pass in favour of the LGBT community? Come and discuss whether a democratic state can continue preventing pro-LGBT legislation, and what the legal standing of LGBT Israelis is. What has been achieved and how much more must be changed?

Exploring prayer on Shabbat - Chavruta

Limmud Shabbat Team 

Yellow 22

Do you have a favourite Shabbat prayer? Not sure where to start? Come and explore prayer using the Limmud 'Prayer' Chavruta books.

Confessions of a Jewish journalist

Gary Rosenblatt 

Red 2

The "oys" and joys of heading The NY Jewish Week, the leading U.S. Jewish newspaper, for 24 years, includes the struggle to be both a loyal member of the community and independent, sometimes critical voice. How investigative reports have won awards and invoked ire for alleged lashon hara.

Ben Pekuah - Kosher meat from animals that don't need shechita (ritual slaughter)

Harold Zwier 

Orange 10

There is a very strange animal in Judaism called Ben Pekuah that can be eaten without shechita. Come on a truly fascinating story starting with the Torah and working our way through a discussion in the Talmud. The story is old, but the modern day possibilities could overturn kosher meat production and substantially reduce the cost.

Mindfulness and the Jewish year

Sheila Weinberg 

Red 4

This talk will describe how the Jewish cycle of the year embodies key aspects of mindfulness and calls us to the cultivation of wisdom and compassion. The presentation will include time for questions and, hopefully, answers, and a short period of meditation.

"Get to know you" walk

Social Programming Team 

Hilton Lobby

Walking and talking, what a great combination. This is the perfect place to meet some new friends - not just for Festival, but for life. #bffe

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