Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Friday 21:15
Shabbat programme

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Beruria: tragedy or triumph?

Sarah Charak 

Blue 33

Beruria is remembered as one of the only women with a scholarly voice in Rabbinic literature. She is also remembered for a dramatic story — of unknown provenance — of infidelity and suicide. What is the real face of Beruria? How can the contests over her story anchor modern conversations about gender, authority and possibility in the Jewish world?

Chiasms: unlocking the Bible’s dazzling literary structure

David Benkof 

Orange 11

See Jewish texts afresh by learning to find chiasms, a little-known but powerful Biblical structure even your rabbi may not know. How is the Tower of Babel story written like a tower? What is dazzling about “Ahavat Olam?” Do the Bible’s structures suggest the Torah has only one author after all? Plenty of practice and you’ll leave with a new skill!

Circumcision, genital mutilation and human rights

Melinda Jones 

Orange 12

If female circumcision is considered unacceptable in all forms, can we in good conscience continue the practice of the Bris? Does male circumcision offend human rights and constitute an abuse of the rights of the child? Does the recent uncovering of the medical abuse of intersex children affect the position we take on this?

Community or culture - what is more relevant in Judaism today?

Chari Pere  Yoav Oved  Richard Jacobi  Judith Ish-Horowicz 

Orange 14

Voices from the community and cultural professions share their views on what holds the most important and relevant place to Jews today and why? What engages Jews in 2017? Can you have culture without community or vice versa?

Glug. There goes the Highland Park

Zvi Solomons 

Red 2

A practical session on Kashrut and Scotch Whisky. Bring a nice bottle of something single malty and we’ll savour our way through Scotland’s finest product while reviewing the reasons why it’s kosher.

"It is not good for a person to be alone." Really? Then why were we created this way?

Yiscah Smith 

Red 5

This session will explore the the unique way in which God created Adam, the first human being. Unlike all other creations, Adam was created in the singular. Why? What are we to learn from this? Especially in light of the verse, "It is not good for a person to be alone," we are compelled to delve into this apparent contradiction.

Judaism and Israel: myth meets reality

Chaim Hames 

Orange 10

When did Judaism become a religion and what ramifications does this have for Judaism in Israel and in the diaspora? If religions have a beginning, do they also have an end? What happens when myth meets reality and is there anything we can do about it?

Let's play with the devil - a small Talmudic legend with a great message

Tirtsa Posklinsky-Shehory 

Red 6

Talmudic legend from Tractate Kiddushin, does it speak of dealing with the Yetzer Hara? Is she talking about the devil's power? Also called the Job of Job and other legends to complete Satan's message to us.

Limmud Connections Oneg Shabbat

Elements @ Festival Limmud 

Yellow 21

Come and join us for post-Shabbat dinner drinks, nibbles and schmoozing off that jet-lag!

Reclaiming Jewish Standard Time

Andrew Keene 

Red 4

The Jewish community often has the reputation of running late. But is this reputation we want? For 60 minutes, press pause on the craziness of life to take a deeper look at our most precious commodity: time. What does it means for us as 21st century Jewish individuals and communities, and how do we reclaim those extra minutes as sacred?

You think you know what Netanyahu should do? So tell me!

Noru Tsalic 

Blue 34

Many Jews in the Diaspora are increasingly critical of Israel's Prime Minister. They say he holds the key to achieving peace and refuses to use it. As an Israeli who is not a Netanyahu supporter but is familiar with his country's politics, Noru will play the part of Netanyahu in this discussion. Ask him why "he" does what he does... and he'll tell you!

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