Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Monday 09:20

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50 years since 1967: the effects on Israeli society and Jews globally

Jessica Montell 

Red 2

There is a lot of talk about the human rights situation in the West Bank, but how has Israeli rule in the West Bank affected Israeli democracy? What are the implications for Jews around the world and their relationship to Israel? What should be the response for those who care about Israel's future?

Dybbuks and Maggids: subversive female voices in 16th Century Safed

Mordechai Zeller 

Red 4

Although the spiritual wealth of Safed in the 16th century was mainly male dominated, we will explore how female voices found surprising ways to emerge...

"Get to know you" walk

Social Programming Team 

Hilton Lobby

Walking and talking, what a great combination. This is the perfect place to meet some new friends - not just for Festival, but for life. #bffe

How does oppression - institutional and religious - determine the status of women in Israel?

Lara Glantz 

Red 6

This session aims to guide a discussion into how institutional oppression, prompted primarily by ultra-Orthodox control of Israel, affects the limits of gender equality in Israel. Additionally discussed will be the particular affect that these factors have on women with a minority identity in Israel (i.e. Mizrachi women and Palestinian Israeli women).

Identity and empowerment - Judaism, Mental Health and the Creative Arts

Marvin Shaw 

Yellow 23

Author of Mindful Judaism, Marvin J Shaw, shows how actively engaging in our Judaism, Jewish spirituality and natural creativity can help prevent and deal with mental health problems as well as boosting our emotional state.

Israel70: building artistic connections

Nic Abery 

Orange 13

Come and hear how 6500 students from 30 primary and secondary schools are marking this monumental event.

Israel is not pizza: why is the diversity approach not enough?

Idit (Edie) Pick 

Orange 12

The diversity discourse gains momentum in Israeli public debate, with growing efforts to represent multiple voices in the media, courts, workplace etc. But what are the limitations of diversity? What does it include and exclude? Who benefits from it? During the session we will examine diversity case studies from Israeli society and politics.

Jewish Meditation

Michael Picardie 

Red 7

Come and learn and practice the meditation technique of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

Judaism and American politics: Trump edition!

Ilan Emanuel 

Red 1

Explore how American Jews interact culturally and religiously in the crazy world of American politics. How does Jewish history and religious thought influence Jewish voting patterns? How has that changed with the arrival of Donald Trump? And how is this new political reality affecting Jewish communities in the Unites States?

Law and legality – the modernising turning point of the Shulchan Aruch

Roni Weinstein 

Green 25

Presenting the increasing role of law and legality as fundamental component of Jewish life through the case study of Shulchan Aruch. This session will claim that this perspective is an innovation of the early modern period, and shaped Jewish halachah ever since.

“Like a rising moon on a starry night”: Martin Buber’s philosophy of religion

Tamra Wright 

Red 3

Martin Buber was one of the most influential Jewish philosophers of the 20th century. We will explore his understanding of the “I - thou” relation; his critique of rituals and organised religion; and why he preferred to refer to God as “the Eternal Thou”. No prior knowledge of philosophy is required.

Living in Israel: perception versus reality – through the eyes of an Anglo-Israeli couple

Ariella Perry  Ashley Perry 

Orange 14

Sometimes it feels like Israelis are from Mars and Diaspora Jews are from Venus, and never the twain shall meet. In this session, listen to a successfully integrated Anglo-Israeli couple about what life in Israel is really like away from the headlines and frequent public misconceptions.

Marc Chagall - painter, poet

Ruth Jacobson 

Yellow 21

An examination of the artist’s career and influences on his work, including his early years in Jewish Pale of Settlement, his studies, and travels in many lands. We will see works in different media, culminating in the stained glass windows he created for the synagogue of the Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem.

Martin Luther and the Jews

Henry Cohn 

Green 27

In 1517 Luther began his breach with the Papacy. Was he a precursor of the Nazis or just a man of his times in his attitudes towards Jews and Judaism? Putting his views in the context of medieval antisemitism and the political and economic turmoil of his day, this talk will provide not a whitewash for a controversial figure but some shades of grey.

Narrative and law – the strange case of "shaming"

Ian Gamse 

Red 5

The law of "boshet" – payment of damages for embarrassing somebody – appears, apparently, in a little paragraph towards the end of Deuteronomy. But what is this paragraph about? How did midrashic literature read it? And why does the Torah tell stories when teaching law? Come, tear a text apart and let's see if we can put it back together again.

Shmirat HaGuf - a spiritual and practical take on physical fitness

Yuval Keren 

Green 26

Last year, Yuval came to the realisation that neglecting the body equates to neglecting the soul, and he started an intensive fitness and dieting programme. In this session we will explore Jewish law relating to 'Shmirat HaGuf' (health and fitness) and the practicality of keeping physical and spiritual fitness in our increasingly busy world.

Tell me a story: nurturing the spiritual imagination of children through narrative

Michael Shire  Sandy Sasso 

Blue 33

Children come to us with an innate spirituality. What they don't have is the language to express it. Explore how story can be a powerful vehicle for nurturing the spirit and engaging in life's big questions. Learn new Jewish stories and new ways of telling old ones. You will never read the Bible the same way again.

The Labour Party 101: the NEC, Trade Unions & Party Conference (1 of 2)

Peter Mason 

Orange 11

What is really going on inside the Labour Party? Who really wields power? A three-part training workshop that will take you inside the labour movement to see how it really works. This session will examine the NEC, the role of the Trade Unions, and the role of the Party’s annual conference.

What's law got to do with it? The Jewish obsession with law, from creation to child protection, and why it makes contemporary Jews who we are

Jacquie Seemann Charak 

Purple 31

Haredi, Modern Orthodox, Reform and Secular Jews today are connected by a thread that is sometimes invisible: we are all obsessed with law. Come and explore through texts from Tanach and Talmud to Shalom Aleichem, and see how this obsession reverberates in our attitudes to some thorny political/social issues.

Who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?

Colin Jaque 

Blue 34

An explanation of the Bible story leading up to the Exodus from Egypt and naming the Pharaoh at the time of the Exodus.

Will there always be Jews in Ethiopia?

Sybil Sheridan 

Orange 10

Will there always be Jews in Ethiopia? The answer to this question is complicated. It includes tales of persecution and devotion, prejudice and sleight of hand. While Israel continues working on the Aliyah, the number of Jews in Ethiopia just keeps growing. Who, what and why are they still there?

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